Inner compulsions poured into art

I studied Art History at ELTE but when it comes to art, I prefer participating rather than analysing. So as a first step I worked as a museum educator at Ludwig Museum Budapest and it was several years before I found out how much joy I experience while painting on canvas.

I started painting in 2018. The aim was to work with the inner contradictions I was facing that year. The paintings became embodiments, painting became therapy. 

As an amateur and self-taught painter, I follow my inner calling when I start painting. My paintings feature strong horizontal compositions, which evoke a sense of looking towards the horizon. When I'm in an unconscious and out-of-control state, I believe that everyone is capable of creativity and can create.

It is important to me to promote the joy of painting, especially in the realm of abstract art, both as a creator and as an audience. In 2016, I had the incredible experience of seeing numerous Mark Rothko paintings in the United States, and it was there that I likely made the decision deep within me to work with these compositions later on. My art is closely related to my music, which is another means of self-expression, telling the story of the same inner landscapes I paint in my pictures. 

Paint, because I can't not paint.

Acrylic paintings

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