This is my music

I took piano lessons until I was ten, when a local performer Attila Zsapka influenced me to ask for a guitar. I regret quitting piano, but the guitar gave me the chance to write my own songs. The scout community and an inner circle of friends encouraged me to keep going with the guitar and singing. I was 17 when I formed my first band: Coloured Friday.





Hide and Seek

No Tales No Dragons

The Beast feat. Máté Birkás

Hungarian Folk song live performance

Other Projects

Duo with Kristóf Darvas

Playing music from the sixties, Illés, Kex, sometimes Tamás Cseh and more. 

Duo with Anita Amador

Moondance - Van Morrison cover 

NDK: Montecarlo 

Funk-disco with intense stage presence

NDK: Three o'clock

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